Saturday, January 30, 2016


 As yet untitled work in progress,  8 1/2" X 24",  Lori LaBerge  2016

Walking through the woods behind our house I spotted a lone tree and quickly made a sketch of it.  The tree had a bit of an odd shape to it and I'm hoping it will work in this piece without too much adjusting.  Sometimes what looks great in nature doesn't quite translate to an artwork.  

It is important to think about canvas shape when creating a piece.  This called for a vertical shape.  This shape shows strength and leads the eye upward.  Think about standing upright and proud versus slouching.  The rectangular shape presents stability.  These are aspects I wanted to stress about the tree.  Height, strength and stability.  This tree has stood the test of time through the 50 mph mountain winds that are common in our area. 

Think about what other subjects would work in a vertical format.  Waterfalls, telephone poles, roadways, full portraits, etc. 

If you read last weeks blog you remember the above as a blank space.  Pete and I worked on and completed the shelving today.  Nothing fancy, but oh so efficient.

The pile of boxes I used to dig through to find the right size waiting a bit of organization.

Here is the shelving with all the boxes now easily visible for use.  I plan on labeling the shelves with the various sizes of the boxes. 

Look around museums and galleries.  Try to find some vertical canvases and determine why the artist may have chosen that certain format or shape of canvas for their work and have a great day. 

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