Saturday, February 6, 2016


                                  "Still Standing"  8 1/2" X 24"  Lori LaBerge  2016

Seven pieces for the July landscape show have now been completed, except for framing, and there are seven more to go.  "Still Standing" is meant to give the viewer the feeling of standing in front of a large tree before entering the woods.  I always love the mystery of where the path will lead me when going for walks.  The work was done partially outdoors and partially from a sketch and notes.

I started planning out one of the three sculptural works yesterday.  Here is how its going:

Supplies were brought out to make a mock-up of the piece.

Foam board was cut and stacked to determine fit and size of the work as the piece will be displayed on a gallery pedestal.

Once the design with foam board was decided on industrial felt was cut the same size as the boards.  I had to do some figuring as the board was 1/4" and the felt was 3/8" (do we ever get away from math?).  The piece will be 15" long X 11" wide X 8" high.  Next, decisions will be made as to how to create the landscape throughout the work.

The weather here is beautiful for a woodland journey.  If yours is the same, enjoy the sights and sounds of nature and have a great day.

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