Saturday, March 12, 2016


It's the Yellow Building, Can't Miss It", 10" X 13",  Lori LaBerge  2016

Yellow is a color I don't often use in landscape pieces.  It's a difficult color to dye to a specific shade and stands out in a piece.  Though this building found in the woods is gray in reality, it had small spots of yellow.  I decided to make one whole section of the building yellow.  

The work started as a drawing on linen on site in Black Mountain, NC.  I left out quite a bit of shrubbery and branches and simplified the wooded area on the left from how it looked in reality.   All of the branches would have driven attention away from the building and the windows, where I wanted the main focus.  The piece was brought home and hooked in the studio.

I started planning out the next sculptural landscape work for exhibit.  This piece will contain a miniature rug hooked runner using upholstery fabric which the felted work will sit upon.  

Starting to get supplies and tools in order.  I drilled holes in the edges of the felt where metal rods will be placed.  There will be two sections with one inside of the other. 

I also updated my website at this morning.  I added an exhibition page with photos to give a bit of history and deleted anything distracting on the site.  This means plain photos of artwork with no text unless photo is clicked on and a larger photo on the home page.  I'll take a well deserved day off tomorrow, technology exhausts me!

Look at colors you would not usually use, try using them liberally, have fun and have a great day.

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