Saturday, April 2, 2016


"Woodlands", 13" x 10"  Lori LaBerge  2016

This piece is an exploration of the background colors of nature.  While I love nature's sometimes subdued colors, I tend to revert to an exaggeration of color in artwork.  The division of color was also explored.  Here is how it developed:

The trees were hooked first with the right hand tree raised up to create the feeling of it being behind the left two trees.  The dark gray areas were placed in a triangular shape.

The bright yellow green was added in another triangular shape in the opposite direction of the grays.  When creating shapes to follow in artwork, the objects do not have to be directly on the lines (in this they are not all directly on the triangular line), but should keep to the shape intended.

The purples were added in a general zigzag shape carrying the eye throughout the work.

The green was interesting for me as it is not a shade of green I usually work with.  It is quite bold and leads to the intended idea of the background being important to the thought process of the work.  Backgrounds are usually more muted allowing the forefront to shine.  The green follows the general triangular shape of the dark grays.

Please check out Mary Jane Peabody's post on our plein air group this past week titled "Hooking in the Great Outdoors".  Mary Jane writes an informative blog well worth following.  

Think about what part of your work you want to emphasize , decide how to depicit it, don't be afraid to break the "rules" and have a great day.  

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