Saturday, April 16, 2016


"Red Light in the City"  27" X 36"   Lori LaBerge  2015

"Red Light in the City" has been juried into "The CIty" exhibit at the Susquehanna Art Museum in Harrisburg, PA.  The exhibit will be held from May 13-August 11, 2016.

The exhibit will show works exploring the relationship between urban settings and their influence on art.  

Though I live in a rural area, I enjoy the structures and activity of urban areas.  How do we each view these settings? Do we view them differently if we live in them rather than visit them?  In our interpretation of them into artwork do we see them in realistic, abstract, surrealistic or other styles.?  I think it will be quite interesting to see how each artist selected for this exhibit expressed their view of "The City".

I recently received a few questions on entering exhibits and packing for shipment.   Here are a few tips: 

1.  Send only your best work.  Be honest about whether the work is appropriate for the show.   If there is a theme, stick with it.

2.  Send solid photos of work.  Plain white, gray or black backgrounds with no distractions.

3.  Carefully read all information on the prospectus.

4.  Pay particular attention to dates, these are important.

5.  Fill out all required information.  Not fully filling out forms can eliminate your work.

6.  If you have questions, ask.  I have found the majority of venues to be extremely helpful to artists.  However, do not ask questions that are answered in the prospectus as this will show you did not read the materials offered.  Do not take up the time of those working on the show with excessive questions.  If you can figure it out on your own or by asking those you know, do it.  Most info. is quite clear.

7.  Make sure the work has a hanging system.  Do not send work without a way for the venue to hang the piece.

8. Set up shipment to arrive on required dates.  Do not ask for special treatment. UPS is very good at shipping to arrive on specific days.  Be sure to include any return shipment forms that are required.  I usually include packing instructions in the box to make things easier for those packing for return home.

Here is how the piece above will be shipped:

A new, clean box at a size for the piece was reinforced with 1/2"  foam board on all four sides.  A piece of  convoluted packing foam was placed in the bottom of the box.  This particular box is safe for 200 lbs of pressure.  U-Line has a large variety of boxes and sizes for all kinds of shipping needs.

The work was laid face down on tissue paper and rolled.

The wrapped piece was then placed in two large bubble wrap envelopes to keep it from bouncing around in the box.

A second piece of convoluted packing foam is placed on the top.  Packing instructions and artist and work info. will be taped to the inside of the box lids and a return form will be placed in the box.

A good way to prepare for entering shows is to practice filling out prospectuses you find online.  Look at what information they ask for, practice writing an artist statement or a biography and have a great day.

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