Saturday, May 28, 2016


Plans for the July landscape exhibition are in full swing.  Above is the postcard that will be sent to collectors, gallery members, fellow artists and others.  It shows from left to right glasswork by Simona Rosasco, my hooked work, painting by Kat Turczyn and pottery by Teresa Pietsch.  A huge thank you to Simona for designing the postcard.  We are looking forward to a great reception on July 22 at TRAC Gallery in Spruce Pine, NC.  The show will run from July 16 - August 13.

The last two weeks have consisted of a trip home, purchasing a new computer (my old one has lost its wifi use and a few keys no longer work), purchasing new programs and adding patches to others as many of my programs do not function with Windows 10, cleaning out the studio to prepare for the studio tour this coming weekend, and framing and preparing work for both the exhibit and studio tour.

The studio in work mode

Works mounted and ready for framing

The works above were based on tabletop pieces I made a few years back.  At one of the studio tours a client said she thought they would look great framed.  I found my drawings of the original tabletop works and used them to recreate the works.

I purchased the book "Walking on Art" and am enjoying the author's thoughts on creating designs.  She writes about inspiration, color, shaped work, carving to define specific areas, pile heights, combining various threads to create color and many other topics.  

We all face busy times.  Challenges can occur when least expected or wanted.  Next week I will continue the learning curve with the new computer and programs.  For now I am using two computers and an ipad to work things out.  I have had to ask for help many times this past week as technology is not my forte.  Accept challenges, ask for help when needed, enjoy the down times and have a great day.

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