Sunday, May 1, 2016


I returned last night from our trip to Vermont.  On our day out to see art we had a chance to visit the Burlington City Arts Center.  On display was wood and metal art. Enjoy!

Cal Lane works in metal.  Those of us who love textiles can revel in the lace creations she creates from using a torch on items such as old barrels, wheelbarrows, shovels and other industrial items.  The combination of strength and fragility attracted me to her works.

Work by Cal Lane

Close-up, Cal Lane

 Artist, Cal Lane
Artist, Cal Lane
Flour was poured through metal carving creating a oriental rug effect.

Clark Derbes creates art using a chain saw.  While I had seen chain saw art, I had never seen contemporary artworks created this way.  The geometric sculptures left my husband contemplating the "how was it done" and me delighting in the colors, shapes and patterns. 
Chain saw art by Clark Derbes
 Artist, Clark Derbes
 Artist, Clark Derbes
 Artist, Clark Derbes
Artist, Clark Derbes

These artists have elevated their work to another level.  Metal becomes lace through welding, an old tree stump becomes a sculpture through use of a chain saw.  Think about how various materials can be manipulated with various tools and have a great day. 

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