Saturday, July 16, 2016


Show title on wall with work by each artist

This week was spent setting up our landscape exhibit.  Artists include, in order of work above, myself, Kat Turczyn, Simona Rosasco, Teresa Pietsch.  The exhibit will run from July 16 -Aug 13 at TRAC Gallery (link goes to exhibit write-up) in Spruce Pine, NC.  The reception will be from 5-7 pm on July 21.  Hope to see some of you there!

Here are some photos of what went into setting everything up:

Artwork and tools were unloaded from cars and brought into the gallery

The gallery walls had been prepped for us with new paint and holes from the previous show filled in with wall putty.  Work was placed along walls and arrangement decisions were made.

Spacing between works was decided on with a variation under quotes we placed on the wall.

 A self-standing center area was designated with sections to show pieces representing each of the four seasons

Ladders were placed while installing lettering on the walls, a time-consuming process

A view of one of the quotes with work installed.  Work by myself, Kat Turczyn and Simona Rosasco.  We chose nature quotes with references to different seasons.

 Set up completed - left side view

Right side view

After three days of work and a great time together we were glad to hear the gallery was thrilled with our results.  It amazed me how well all of our pieces looked together as we had not consulted each other about the work we were creating (other than being landscape related).  Some things are just meant to be.

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