Saturday, July 9, 2016


Susquehanna Art Museum "The City" exhibit

We made a trip to Pennsylvania to see my work in "The City" exhibit at Susquehanna Art Museum this week.  In the above photo "Red Light in the City" is to the right on the far wall. There was a wonderful variety of mediums included.  Here are photos of some of the other works in the show.  Links are included where available.

"Kids" painting by Shane Patrick Gallup

"Euston Road 1" and Euston Road 2"  paper collage by Kevin Brady

"A Time to Build and a Time to Tear Down"  oil on panels by Laura Shambough

"Unions Squared"  cotton lycra fabric tubes on board by Sooo-z Mastropietro

"Intrepid"  mixed media by Greg Jaskot

"Nature for Sale"  oil, mixed media on transparent plastic lids by Inguna Gremzde

"Selective Consciousness NYC"  oil on board by Jong-un Choi

"Cityscape (Philadelphia)"  acrylic on canvas by Elaina Posey

"Together I"  bronze by Susan Stamm Evans

It is an honor to be included among this talented group of artists.  A special thank you to all at the museum for their talents and time.  Museums can be supported by joining membership, volunteering or simply taking time to visit and enjoy the works they exhibit in their venue.

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