Saturday, August 13, 2016


"Cone 1" in progress,  18" X 18"   Lori LaBerge  2016

The blues and reds of "Cone 1" have been hooked and the darker wool is now being added to the work. I always find that taking photos of work helps me to look at it in a more critical way. In the photo above I really noticed the odd piece of wool hooked into the gray on the right hand side. The wool itself is patterned and that strip just happened to have more red in it than the others. It will need to be removed, cut and hooked again in a more random way as the curve it now forms is distracting.

I spent this afternoon in Asheville and found myself in the magazine section of Barnes and Nobles. Anyone who knows me also knows I am a magazine and book fanatic. Here are some of my purchases.

With Grayson Perry on the cover I could not resist. I love his interviews online as he speaks in a clear and understandable manner. There is no pretentious art speak from him. He is a joy to listen to.

This may be your cup of tea if you are interested in contemporary, different or surreal art. Not for traditionalists. Solid articles with an excellent clear writing style and interviews. One which I read cover to cover.

This magazine is put out by the International Sculpture Center. I picked this up because as I looked through it I spotted a section on sculptural fiber work. There were also photos of paper casting. I like that this magazine features various types of media used in sculptural work. This will become a regular read for me.

This magazine contains both traditional and abstract works. It is meant to be read by artists and contains information from how-to articles to art tips to being a professional artist.  This is a thick magazine with no skimping.  I like that.

Ever since visiting Scotland I have enjoyed reading information about the country. This issue happened to have an article on weaving in Scotland. Sold.

Art Exercise--

Take photos of work in progress and see if it helps you to notice things about your work you may not have before.

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