Sunday, August 7, 2016


"Cone 1" in progress,  18" X 18"   Lori LaBerge  2016

Yes, boxes of wool accompanied me on our trip. The cone work is moving along. I am looking forward to seeing the effect of the darker grays when they are applied. They will go around the right side and bottom of the light gray background.  

Pier sketch in Ohio,  Lori  LaBerge  2016

I timed myself while sketching this week, allowing up to 20 minutes maximum per sketch. These sketches are being used for ideas for further work.

There is plenty of fodder for water scenes here in Port Clinton. The pier above caught my eye with the buoy hanging among the tires used to protect boats when they dock. I found it difficult to get perspective correct without my viewfinder, but was happy overall with the way the scene was visually cropped. It took a few minutes to decide what to include and what to leave out before starting the sketch.

Boathouse sketch in Ohio,  Lori LaBerge  2016. This view is from our third floor porch.  Sometimes you don't need to go very far to find a subject!

A small yellow boathouse is next to the condo we are renting. It is surrounded by trees and fronted by rocks before the lake begins. This sketch was done fairly quickly, about 10 minutes and it could use stronger use of contrast in the land areas for definition.  

Sketching is good for practicing composition, improving concentration and decision making, and working on ideas for studio work. A sketch can be redefined in the studio through improving composition, stressing value, and exploring the use of color. 

We saw this ship turned into a house on our return trip from Put-in-Bay Island. What a great subject. Read more about the history of this project at Ship on the Bay.

I am also working on some smaller plein air hooked works using sketches while here. The weather has been beautiful. These works will not be shown on the blog. They will be used as samples of both realistic and abstract styles for the plein air class being held at Green Mtn. Rug Hooking School next year. 

Art Exercise--

Find a scene that interests you. Sketch out a basic composition. Do not time yourself while sketching, enjoy the process.

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