Saturday, September 17, 2016


 Untitled work in progress

Work was started on a new figural abstract this week. There are six values of gold in the curves.  Blending was a problem with the transition of some values. There is a sharp line where values 3 and 4 meet in the longer curve which bothers me. I'll be pulling out and rehooking those areas to smooth it out. The hooking within the curve is being done randomly rather than with straight hooking.

I'm headed to Vermont so I picked up a couple new books: 

The author writes of the rivalries between Manet and Degas, Picasso and Matisse, Freud and Bacon and de Kooning and Pollock. These artists had friendships, but competitiveness led to arguments, separations and brilliant creations of art. They had great respect for each other, but friction abounded in their relationships.

Mad Enchantment tells the story of Monet's creation of the Water Lily series. It tells of the problems he faced when working out how light and color affected the appearance of water. It delves into the fading of Impressionism as other painting movements evolved.  I'm hoping this book will give me some extra ideas for the plein air class I will be teaching at Green Mountain Rug School next year.

I will be off for two to three weeks due to the death of my mother. We sang and danced, laughed and loved, vacationed and dined together. Dad and I will raise our glasses to a great lady.