Saturday, September 3, 2016


Robin Martindale's work at TRAC Gallery

Robin Martindale's exhibit "My Other Self" is currently showing at TRAC in Spruce Pine, NC. This show is right up my alley. Geometric shapes, bold design and strong use of color. Martindale is a retired professor of art at Appalachian State University. She works in painted wood with some pieces containing steel (did I say up my alley) and clay. 

Enjoy the photos and be sure to stop by to see the exhibit if you are in town. Nothing beats seeing art in person.

"Yellow and Blue"  Robin Martindale

 "Eclipse"  Robin Martindale

 "Gargoyle II"  Robin Martindale

 'Fire-works"  Robin Martindale

 "My Father's Legs"  Robin Martindale

 'Blue and Yellow"  Robin Martindale

"Red and Blue"  Robin Martindale

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