Saturday, October 22, 2016


It is good to be back up in Vermont. I was able to view works at the Green Mountain Rug Hooking Show in Essex Junction, VT, the town where I grew up. Old and new friends were there and a dinner out led to discussion about rug hooking and its place in the art world.  

Here are some of the works that attracted me along with why:

I. C. U. by Liz Alpert Fay

The size and content of this piece fit well together. I felt like I could walk right into the woods. The flowers (26), the gun against the tree, the birds and the appearance of eyes in the trees all led to thought about the artist's statement with this work.

"Coriolus" by Anne Cox

I like the way the lichen on the edges of the work appear to be creeping up on the mushroom fungus in the center. The geometric background is in juxtaposition to the organic mushroom and lichen shapes.

"Red Brussel Sprouts" by Anne Cox

The red brussel sprouts seem to be escaping from between the middle and top leaves on the left and marching their way around all of them. The reds, purples and imperfect leaf shapes seem inviting to me and the whites are enough to break up the red/green color scheme yet not detract from it.

"Portuguese Fishing Village" by Francine Even

I like the solid use of geometric lines. Vertical, horizontal and diagonal all work together. I had a clear feel of what the piece was about before reading the title. The bold red is surrounded on top and bottom by the soothing color of the water. Made me want to visit this little fishing village.

"I, Magician" by Mariah Krauss

This piece is all about light.  The blinding glow of the crystal ball lighting the subject's hands and face, placing all else in the darkness of the background. I felt a sense of mystery. What does the magician see in the crystal ball?

A work done for a rug hooking challenge by the Rug Hooking and Fiber Crafts group of Sharon, VT

The sharp angles in the shapes grabbed my eye. While the woman is clearly the subject this is emphasized by the triangle pointing clearly toward her. She looks clearly engaged in her activity. Reminiscent of Picasso's "Jacqueline with Flowers". (Please contact me so I can give credit if you are the artist or know who the artist is).  

"The Tower" by Michele Micarelli

The winding cone shape of the tower, the flames rising, the water splashing, the sky swirling. A clear depiction of the action of destruction. The hand like appearance of the water adds a menacing feel, yet the bright blue in the background seems cheerful behind all this chaos. Is there hope beyond the chaos? 

"Quiet Beauty" by Kris McDermet

A peaceful feeling always envelopes me when viewing a kimono work. I like the shape of this work along with the way the weight of rug hooking and braiding fit together. The curve of the water flowing through the work along with the curves of the florals led my eyes throughout the piece. 

There were many more pieces at the show.  I regret not showing more, but hot spots from the lighting at the show occurred in many photos preventing my placing them on the blog.

I hope those who are unfamiliar with hooked work are inspired to try their hand at this art form.

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