Friday, October 7, 2016


Untitled work in progress  39" X 21"  Lori LaBerge   2016

I did not know how much I would miss rug hooking. During our trip up to Vermont, I did not bring any work with me.  A return to hooking this week felt good. We'll be headed back up north tomorrow and the projects will go with me.

This week some more of the yellow was hooked. Rather than finishing all the yellow, I decided to see what the background was going to look like. Some of the blues and grays were added along with red and purple lines.  

I will be visiting some auto salvage yards to find a hubcap to use for the head of the figure. Right now I'm on the easy part. I'm quite sure I have a challenge ahead of me combining rug hooking with a hubcap. I foresee some sleepless nights in my future.

A two-value study of landscape scene

In preparation for teaching Plein Air at Green Mountain Rug School in June, I began working on two value studies to discuss with the class. When working on outdoor landscapes, studies can aid the composition process.

I veer toward geometric studies, but they could just as easily be organic in nature. The idea is to separate out the light and dark sections of the design. Do they balance? Is the shape pleasing? By doing this exercise it is easier to determine if a certain composition will work before moving on to further sketching and the actual hooking process. Spending time on design will pay off later.

Here is a thumbnail sketch of the scene I was viewing when working on the study:

It is easy to see the breakdown of lights and darks. The land in the forefront and the building were drawn as one large mass in the earlier two-value study.

Here is another example:

Two value study

 Thumbnail sketch of scene being viewed.  

The land, tree and background building will be darker than the sky area above. One could also add mountains in the background to add to the piece, even if they were not there in reality. You are creating art, not copying nature.

I know, more books.  We had lunch at Long Trail Brewery in Bridgewater Corners, VT and drove over to Woodstock for dessert.  While there, the Woodstock Library was having a book sale. Could not resist these at two to three dollars a piece.

Art Exercise-

Try creating your own two-value studies. 

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