Saturday, December 17, 2016


"Directions"   25" X 25" ,  Lori LaBerge  2016

We moved our son to Florida this past week. Many of our relatives have moved down to the warmer climate and we had a chance to visit some of them while there. 

 Work being mounted on canvas

When we returned, I completed whipping edges and mounting "Directions". As the work is in four sections, it can easily be arranged in various positions.

There were some wonderful ideas for artwork in Florida.

 Patterns on palm trees

The trunks of the palm trees criss-crossed forming light and shadow.  The rough texture could easily be depicted with textured wool or yarn.  These trees lend themselves to both abstract and realism.

 Wild and bright color combinations

Color, color, color. We saw loads of both pastels and saturated color. Pink, yellow, blue, green, turquoise, black, white and gray of various values are all seen in the photo above. Patterns of X's decorate the pink building and vertical lines can be seen in the balcony and roofing.

Wood pilings in the water

These are a favorite of mine. I love the way the various heights of the pilings protrude from the water, the various shades of color in them from the battering of the sun and the sea, the spacing between them and how the light hits each one  A subject I will work with in the future in abstract form.

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