Friday, December 30, 2016


Work in progress:  "Cone II"  18" X 18"   Lori LaBerge  2016

I found this week to be a good time to delve into a little bit of everything. The hooking in the second of the cone series was started this afternoon.  

Colors chosen "Cone II"

Some wool was dyed and some I was lucky enough to find on the studio shelves. The top of the cone section will be yellow and green then shift to rust and brown at the bottom. Dark and medium grays will go into the right hand background and medium and light grays in the left hand background.

"GeoScape II"  design sketch

I am continuing to delve into geometrics inspired by plein air study. The above work developed from viewing a tree against the moon and clouds at night. The work could be hung a variety of ways including horizontally as above or vertically as seen below.

I would have included a sketch of the scene done realistically, but unbelievably I am using the excuse that the cat shredded the sketch. She also has broken two vases. Yes, she is still alive and well. Just too cute to get mad at.

 "GeoScape II" vertically

I will be discussing using plein air to create abstracts as part of "The Art of Plein Air" class at Green Mountain Rug School in June.

 "Geoscape III"  sketch

The third in the series is a sketch I made in Florida. It continues my current interest in wood pilings on the water. While clearly abstract it is easier to see the subject matter of this piece than that of  "Geoscape II". Will the colors chosen affect that perception?  

While preparing for class I am reading works by some artists that are not thought of for plein air work but created them at some point in their art career. This book takes the reader through the adventures Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee had while creating work in Tunisia. Klee's plein air work there led to his increased interest in color. This interest in turn led Klee to turn more and more toward abstraction.

A Happy New Year to all. Join me in continuing to love, view and create art in 2017.

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