Saturday, February 25, 2017


"Metropolitan"  22" X 55"   Lori LaBerge  2017

The use of repetition shows throughout this piece. There are multiple yellow curves moving across it, vertical and horizontal lines, shades of blues and grays and industrial felt on both the bottom and top sections. The hubcap has curves that relate to the yellow arcs. The lug nut covers, as well as the hubcap itself, mimic the circular shape of the washers attached to the lower strip of felt. There is also a bit of depth to each section.

 Close-up of upper section

A piece of felt was cut into a triangular shape and attached to the hubcap. The felt is randomly stitched with dark gray yarn to add texture.

Close-up of felt and washers

Washers were stitched to the felt and the felt stitched to the rug hooked work. I had thought of using a strip of stained wood, but with the felt on the upper portion the wood looked a bit heavy while the felt brought the two sections together nicely.

Pearl is becoming quite the assistant. It never hurts to have a little supervision.

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