Sunday, March 26, 2017


 "Into the Gray"   24" X 12",  Lori LaBerge  2017

This week hooked work was completed on "Into the Gray". It veers a bit into the world of surreal art. While the bowls are expected shapes, the bright green arrow is out of place in a still life scene. Why is it there? The piece was developed from a shadow that I turned into an arrow before having a solid idea of what it meant to me. I spoke a bit about this in the March 11 post here.

I have always liked the unexpected, which may explain my love of anything with drawers or locks. It is the mystery of what may be inside that intrigues me. The unknown is always more interesting than the known for me.

Surreal work lends itself to dream states and unconscious expression. Usually the first artist that comes to peoples' mind is Salvador Dali. My favorite surreal artist is Rene Magritte. Ah, yes, those bowler hats that keep showing up.

Close-up,  "Into the Gray"   Lori LaBerge   2017

A close-up shows the textures used in the background. This reminds me of the impressionists and how they used short brush strokes of color close to each other to create the sense of another color. The yellow and turquoise threads in one of the background textures tends to make one see the color as soft green-yellow which sets a nice background for the bright green arrow color. The duller mint green adds contrast.

I start a class in geometry and quilting at Penland tomorrow. Supplies are ready to go!  I'm hoping to learn some new ways to work with geometric shapes and apply that knowledge to rug hooking while meeting others with similar interests. I will write more on the class next week.

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