Saturday, April 22, 2017


Wool drying after a dyeing demonstration by Nancy Parcels

Finally home after two and a half weeks on the road. The weekend before last was spent in West Virginia at Susan Feller's annual Retreat in the Mountains. We worked, hooked, shared and laughed. 

Everyone participated in sharing an interest. Some topics were yoga, movement, making a footstool, color planning in a dyepot (results in photo above), information on Penland School of Craft, hooking with velvet , TED talks on creativity, a TIGHR video and much more. The interests of group members are varied and many.

This was the 10th anniversary of the Retreat. Congratulations and thank you to Susan for all the work she puts into this. 

Here are some of the rugs worked on or shared over the weekend:

by Brenda Reed

by Shirley Hairston

by Deb Smith

in progress work by Karen Larsen

by Patti Burr

by Myra Davis

by Randi Cohen

by Nancy Parcels

in progress work by Beth Zerweck-Tembo

There were many more projects both in progress and completed. Next year promises many more.

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