Saturday, May 27, 2017


We spent the past week in Los Angeles for my daughter's graduation from Loyola Law School. She took some time to show us around the city and knowing me like she does chose The Broad (rhymes with road). The museum is beautifully designed leading to my taking some photos of the setting rather than of just the works themselves. Enjoy!

Richard Diebenkorn  "Ocean Park #90"

 Peter Halley  "Collision Circuit"

Robert Rauschenberg  "Combine" with Jasper John's "Flag" in background and John's "Watchman" on the right

 Ellsworth Kelly  "Green, Blue, Red" with a section of "Blue, Red" on the right

 Roy Lichtenstein  "Femme d'Alger"

 Oscar Murillo  "Trade Today"

 Albert Oehlen  "Ziggy Stardust"

 Mark Tansey  "Wake"

Robert Therrien  "Under the Table"

 Andy Warhol  "Single Elvis" , "Campbell's Soup Can", "Torn Campbell's Soup Can" and "Two Marilyns"

 Jeff Koons  "Balloon Dog (Blue)"

Jean-Michel Basquiat  "Untitled" and "Horn Players"

For more information on the museum and photos of the collection go to The Broad.


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    1. Susan,
      You have asked a great question. Keep in mind these are just 13 photos out of thousands which the Broad displays or has in storage. When I go to view work, I am interested in the artwork itself and rarely look to see whether a work is by a man, woman or any other group we would like to classify people into. The art is the point for me. The Broad has a large selection of work by women artists which can be found on their website by browsing under the artist category. I read constantly about women artists. A good book to look at is "Identity Unknown: Rediscovering Seven American Women Artists".

  2. thank you, I will check out the book!