Saturday, May 6, 2017


In progress work,  "Intersection",  14" X 14" Lori LaBerge  2017

There is still a little tweaking, but hooking on "Intersection" is done. A metal bar will be placed across the top and a decision will be made whether or not to place metal over the light orange-yellow. 

The work is based on a sketch done looking down on an intersection glowing with sunlight. To portray the spot where light was shining the lt. yellow/orange values and the lt. gray values were placed next to each other, bringing the eye directly to these areas. The light area was then surrounded by gradually darkening grays.

The wool colors behind the orange-yellow and green consisted of black, two dark grays, four medium grays and three lt. grays.

The work consists of values, much as nature does.  

While taking daily breaks from the studio, I couldn't help but notice the abrupt changes occurring in the landscape.
Bright whites and a touch of red among the green on one day led to...

the whites perishing and orange arriving a few days later.

I thought about how the contrast of the white against the green creates a wonderful contrast and how a few days later one would need to use some imagination to visualize the same effect.  The diagonal triangular shape of the white could lead to an interesting abstract piece.

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