Saturday, June 10, 2017


"Structure 1" in progress , approximately 48" X 36",  Lori LaBerge  2017

I have been restructuring one of the pieces I began work on at Penland. It was a piece I just wasn't happy with as it looked too pretty. Various blacks and a textured wool were placed on top of and around the cotton section until I arrived at the above. Much more my style.

Here is the piece before:

This was my first time working with no plan, just stitching pieces together. As I always have a design planned, even if just in my head, this threw me off my game. It's just not right. The top was straighter leading down to the slanting of the lower section. This created a lack of balance. Why is the lower section crooked? No real reason there besides experimentation. Not working. 

The colors were lacking the contrast I was looking for. The piece was, also, just too feminine for me. After putting the work aside for a while, I pulled it out this week and decided a strong black would lead to what I was looking for. 

Rough close-up on studio floor

I started by cutting the piece where the lower slant began. I am now ready to create two pieces. The next step was placing dark gray textured strips across the piece. This gave an architectural feel. 

The next step was adding the edges. I continued with an overdyed black wool which worked well, but needed something. A textured wool was brought in to add to the feeling of structure. A plain black wool can barely be noticed directly below the cotton section. It is differentiated from the darker dyed black when you see the work up close.

The black was extended on the left hand side to give the work some space. The piece is now strong and stands well on its own. Now to see how the wool and cotton react to each other when stitched together. 

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