Saturday, July 15, 2017


We took a stroll along Fisherman's Walk in York, Maine during our trip and this stonework caught my attention. The gold color was beautiful and the shape itself was something I felt I could work with.

The first step was to sketch out the basic shapes from the photograph. I like to do a rough sketch first to have something to work with. The section that would be gold looks a bit lost in this sketch and needs to be larger. There is also more happening on the right hand side leading to a lack of balance.

First the whole size of the piece was compacted to fit a 14 X 11 format. I added a circle on the left along with a break in the lower section. The straighter bottom was changed to a diagonal adding a sense of movement, relating to the walk we took. 

A line creating a small rectangular shape was added near the top to balance out the shape in the bottom left and the far right shape was narrowed. The right hand shape was also curved a bit on the bottom (as was the lower left shape) to provide a break from the straight lines in the work. This reminded me more of the curves that were along the walkway. Color ideas were then noted. 

"Maine Gold" in progress,  14" X 11"  Lori LaBerge  2017

Hooking was started. A plain gold was combined with a textured gold containing a bit of red for the stonework section. The dark green consists of four different greens while the lighter mint green is from a spot dyed piece of wool. One more day and the work should be completed and ready for finishing.