Saturday, July 8, 2017


A sketch of one of the views from the cottage we rented in Maine,  Lori LaBerge  2017

We are back from vacation and it was wonderful. We rented a cottage in York with a view of the ocean and Nubble Lighthouse. It was relaxing to sit on the deck with a cold Maine craft beer and do some sketching. Rain held off, the water was beautiful and we were able to watch the lobster boats as traps were checked daily.

The outline of the rock formation was drawn blind contour (without looking at the paper being drawn on) then developed from there through regular sketching. Drawing blind contour helps to improve hand/eye coordination and increases observational skills as you are not constantly viewing back and forth between paper and subject. It can be difficult at first but becomes easier with practice.

 Some designs ideas worked on,  Lori LaBerge  2017

On the trip I became fascinated with the rooftops of ocean homes and boats. I studied some of the angles found and drew them out. Multiple scenes were combined into each of the works to form a composition. The circular windows on the boats added to the designs. I plan on hooking these as smaller works and then creating larger paintings of them. 

We found a local antique and used book store, Harding's Books in Wells, Maine. It was amazing. The aisles went on forever. I spent about two hours in the art section and purchased the books above. They include writings on Expressionism, women in art, Frank Stella, Salvador Dali and Paul Gauguin. If you are nearby at any point and love books it is a must stop as the store itself has so much more than the website offers.

Another purchase from Harding's that I am currently reading. Life is good!

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