Monday, December 26, 2011

Studio Items I Love

It is definitely the time of year to clean out the studio.  At this point walking through it requires effort.   Boxes from shows and fabric galore are covering almost every inch.  In the process of cleaning, I noticed certain items that I love for pure function or for the memories.  Here are a few:

I love items that remind me of others.  This piece of pottery was given to me by my sister-in-law.  I believe she meant me to use it in the kitchen, but it works so well to hold snippets (small pieces of wool which are snipped away while working).  I am lucky enough to be reminded of her every time I snip or store wool in it as I work.  

This shoe holder has been turned into a yarn holder and works perfectly.  Yarn, both hand-dyed by myself and purchased, is easily at hand.

My husband has always supported my art and when the floorspace was getting taken over by frames he bought some padded hangers, placed them on the upper soffet and hung my frames for me.  Great idea! Great husband!

Tools of the trade.  Love my off-set scissors and Hartman hook.  The two hooks on the right are special as a friend's father made them.  Great memories of time spent hooking together and visiting with her folks.

This little tool box has been great for organizing hanging and framing materials.  Just grab the handle and I'm off to shows and exhibits with all I need.

These items and more make my studio a great place to hang out and work.  Think about the things you love about your environment (functional or just plain fun!) enjoy them and have a great day!