Saturday, September 17, 2016


 Untitled work in progress

Work was started on a new figural abstract this week. There are six values of gold in the curves.  Blending was a problem with the transition of some values. There is a sharp line where values 3 and 4 meet in the longer curve which bothers me. I'll be pulling out and rehooking those areas to smooth it out. The hooking within the curve is being done randomly rather than with straight hooking.

I'm headed to Vermont so I picked up a couple new books: 

The author writes of the rivalries between Manet and Degas, Picasso and Matisse, Freud and Bacon and de Kooning and Pollock. These artists had friendships, but competitiveness led to arguments, separations and brilliant creations of art. They had great respect for each other, but friction abounded in their relationships.

Mad Enchantment tells the story of Monet's creation of the Water Lily series. It tells of the problems he faced when working out how light and color affected the appearance of water. It delves into the fading of Impressionism as other painting movements evolved.  I'm hoping this book will give me some extra ideas for the plein air class I will be teaching at Green Mountain Rug School next year.

I will be off for two to three weeks due to the death of my mother. We sang and danced, laughed and loved, vacationed and dined together. Dad and I will raise our glasses to a great lady.

Saturday, September 10, 2016


"Curve Ahead"  in progress on studio wall,  49" X 14"  Lori LaBerge  2016

The final hooked section on "Curve Ahead" was completed this week. I lined them up on the wall to see how they will look together. The pieces will be lined up straight across on the bottom for final display, not the top' and there will be metal rods across the top section. The rods are being drilled, cleaned, sanded and painted.

The smallest section has been flipped so the arrow points back into the work.  This forces the eye back into the artwork instead of sending the viewer's eye completely off to the right.

Close-up of blue section. Five different shades of blue were used including a variegated yarn.

As yet untitled work being drawn out,  40" X 22 ",  Lori LaBerge  2016

Work on a large abstract figural piece has started. This design continues with the theme of roads. Curves of overpasses run throughout the work. A contrast of curves against the horizontal and verticals of the background was used. I am searching out hubcaps to use for the head section.

The start of color planning for figural work. The drawn out design can be seen tacked to the back wall.

Design for second of cone series.

I always love the magic of the dye process. Here I am dyeing yellows and golds for the curves in the figural work. Notice how dull and beige looking the wool in the front jar looks and then...
Wow! Vinegar is added and a beautiful gold appears as the yellow dye is absorbed.

Art exercise--

Discover the use of line in paintings and see where it leads your eye.  Are lines vertical, horizontal, diagonal or a combination of any of these? Are they wavy or jagged? Do they lead your eye from one area to another? Do they bring your eye around the perimeter or to the center? Are there multiple uses of line to guide the eye or just one?

Saturday, September 3, 2016


Robin Martindale's work at TRAC Gallery

Robin Martindale's exhibit "My Other Self" is currently showing at TRAC in Spruce Pine, NC. This show is right up my alley. Geometric shapes, bold design and strong use of color. Martindale is a retired professor of art at Appalachian State University. She works in painted wood with some pieces containing steel (did I say up my alley) and clay. 

Enjoy the photos and be sure to stop by to see the exhibit if you are in town. Nothing beats seeing art in person.

"Yellow and Blue"  Robin Martindale

 "Eclipse"  Robin Martindale

 "Gargoyle II"  Robin Martindale

 'Fire-works"  Robin Martindale

 "My Father's Legs"  Robin Martindale

 'Blue and Yellow"  Robin Martindale

"Red and Blue"  Robin Martindale