Saturday, February 24, 2018


"Evening Mint"  11 X 14,  Lori LaBerge  2018

There is a sense of soft and hard within this piece. Sharp angular shapes contrast with softer curves. The composition works well. The top angled line of the black and mint on the left leads to the left upper corner of the second black shape while the bottom angled line leads up to the highest point of the white section where the gold cuts it off bringing the eye down. This, in addition to the white and black contrast being so close to the mint, all leads to a focus on the small bright mint rectangle.

This can be seen below:

"Evening Mint" with compositional line study,  Lori LaBerge  2018

Yesterday was spent sifting through piles of wood to see what will work for a mixed-media piece. The wood will be cut into various geometric shapes. I have a general idea and will be sketching it out this week or next.

Saturday, February 17, 2018


"Balcony View"  20" X 20"  Lori LaBerge  2018

This week's work was formed from rooftops seen from the balcony of a townhouse in Los Angeles. The balcony (with light blue top rail) is in the lower section of the work. Many sketches were developed as I spent mornings studying the lines the rooftops created.

The majority of the hooked work underneath contains vertical lines while the painting on top was done in horizontal and diagonal lines to contrast with the vertical.

Close-up section

The under sections of these painted textiles have led me to consider how we see things. What we look at is not simply what we see visually, but how we interpret it through our thoughts. When I see architecture I see more than a building, I question what has happened there, who built it, and who once lived or worked there. Some of these things are imagined and others are researched. What lies underneath can be different for everyone.

Saturday, February 10, 2018


Partial section of work in progress,  Lori LaBerge  2018

The majority of the week was spent continuing work on a larger piece. The size is 48" X 48" and it is being hooked in a #6 cut. Here are a few close-ups of various sections:

On Thursday, I took a break from the larger work to sketch up some new ideas to work further with. Here's a peek inside the sketchbook:

This was developed from an industrial park that we passed by while traveling. The erasure lines can be seen on the drawing, showing the many variations of ideas used until one came together.

This work did not really come together until I decided to use a half circle. That led to a pathway toward it. I'm looking at orange, grays, turquoise, bright blue, gold, white and black for the color plan.