Saturday, May 27, 2017


We spent the past week in Los Angeles for my daughter's graduation from Loyola Law School. She took some time to show us around the city and knowing me like she does chose The Broad (rhymes with road). The museum is beautifully designed leading to my taking some photos of the setting rather than of just the works themselves. Enjoy!

Richard Diebenkorn  "Ocean Park #90"

 Peter Halley  "Collision Circuit"

Robert Rauschenberg  "Combine" with Jasper John's "Flag" in background and John's "Watchman" on the right

 Ellsworth Kelly  "Green, Blue, Red" with a section of "Blue, Red" on the right

 Roy Lichtenstein  "Femme d'Alger"

 Oscar Murillo  "Trade Today"

 Albert Oehlen  "Ziggy Stardust"

 Mark Tansey  "Wake"

Robert Therrien  "Under the Table"

 Andy Warhol  "Single Elvis" , "Campbell's Soup Can", "Torn Campbell's Soup Can" and "Two Marilyns"

 Jeff Koons  "Balloon Dog (Blue)"

Jean-Michel Basquiat  "Untitled" and "Horn Players"

For more information on the museum and photos of the collection go to The Broad.

Saturday, May 13, 2017


As yet untitled sketch for artwork created while looking at rooftops,  Lori LaBerge  2017

Some of my recent work has consisted more and more of triangular shapes.Three recent sketches include the form. It was interesting to work on how the triangles relate to each other and the shapes around them. The rectangular bar entering from the right breaks into the bottom of the larger triangle creating depth. The smaller triangle could be viewed as abutting the triangle with the circle or could merely be seen as a section of a triangle peeking out from behind it. 

 as yet untitled sketch for artwork,  Lori LaBerge  2017

The above sketch was also based on buildings and skyline. Trying to avoid depth in the final artwork would be difficult. The sketch, in similarity to the first sketch, already appears to have depth due to overlapping shapes.

as yet untitled sketch for artwork,  Lori LaBerge  2017

The work above was developed from trees in various yards. The straight lines are a division of property. Variance of triangle shapes add interest while color and hooking direction will add more to the work as it develops. The line lengths need to be varied more.

 Architecture makes extensive use of isosceles and equilateral triangles due to their strength.  Each of a triangle's sides act as support for the other sides.

While in Scotland a few years ago we visited the Star Pyramid near Stirling Castle. The pyramid consists of four triangular sides made of sandstone. There are marble bible pages on each side and the structure is sometimes referred to as the Martyr's Pyramid. A chamber was created inside the pyramid before it was completed where a Bible and the Confession of Faith (the beliefs of the Reformed church) were placed.

 A ceiling forming both isosceles(above and below center) and equilateral triangles (on sides)

Two triangular rooftops at either end of a structure

If you wish to explore triangles and architecture more, enjoy some amazing examples by scrolling through Yellowstone  here.

Saturday, May 6, 2017


In progress work,  "Intersection",  14" X 14" Lori LaBerge  2017

There is still a little tweaking, but hooking on "Intersection" is done. A metal bar will be placed across the top and a decision will be made whether or not to place metal over the light orange-yellow. 

The work is based on a sketch done looking down on an intersection glowing with sunlight. To portray the spot where light was shining the lt. yellow/orange values and the lt. gray values were placed next to each other, bringing the eye directly to these areas. The light area was then surrounded by gradually darkening grays.

The wool colors behind the orange-yellow and green consisted of black, two dark grays, four medium grays and three lt. grays.

The work consists of values, much as nature does.  

While taking daily breaks from the studio, I couldn't help but notice the abrupt changes occurring in the landscape.
Bright whites and a touch of red among the green on one day led to...

the whites perishing and orange arriving a few days later.

I thought about how the contrast of the white against the green creates a wonderful contrast and how a few days later one would need to use some imagination to visualize the same effect.  The diagonal triangular shape of the white could lead to an interesting abstract piece.