Sunday, June 24, 2012


"Locked Into My Quiet Time"   Lori LaBerge  2012

"Locked Into My Quiet Time", shown in progress in last week's blog, has been completed. I added upholstery tacks on the sides and two corner brackets at the bottom with twine stretched between them.

Last week, I had mentioned possibly adding some stones. When I spotted the two corner brackets in my box of salvage parts, it gave me the idea to place a section of twine between them to represent a barrier against outside interruptions. Sometimes we just need to block out others and take time for ourselves. I would still like to use stones in the future, but they would not have worked well with this piece.

The salvaged handle and latch, shown above, before being permanently set into a new work  surprised me as they were not meant to go together, yet fit perfectly. When I grabbed them from my salvage box and noticed this, I knew they would be going into my next piece, "Freedom to Come and Go".  The latch was set in place so it can be displayed placed into the handle or left open.

"Freedom to Come and Go"  Lori LaBerge  2012 framed with latch closed

"Freedom to Come and Go"  Lori LaBerge 2012 framed with latch open

The washers and upholstery tacks were placed in a curve to give a sense of whimsy and spontaneity, two types of behavior that fit well with the idea of freedom.

Enjoy your freedom, kick up your heels, try something on a whim and have a great day.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


This week I decided to take a few days off.  As usual, this never occurs.  I have a difficult time staying out of the studio.  A box full of 10 X 10 art boards having been sitting around for a while and the decision was made to tackle a small piece this week.  Here is the progress so far:

The abstract figures were well received during the studio tour and I would like to make a series of these.  The idea behind these is to create the emotions and feelings we all experience in an abstract way.  This is only the third in this group and the first two dealt with how we miss people and wait for them to come back into our lives and how we all have difficult times in our lives yet have the ability within us to get through them.  These can be viewed here and here.  Above is the hooked portion of the current piece.

A metal part from a salvage shop was added to the side of the figure along with an old key attached to it.  A deep bright blue wool was chosen for the sides.  This photo was as I was working on the placement of pieces.

Gold was chosen as the color for the wood parts.  This will follow the use of gold on the art boards and framing of the other pieces in the series.

All pieces are now in place on the art board and this coming week I will work on adding more metal parts and perhaps some stones.  I still haven't quite decided how it will be finished as this usually comes to me during the work process.  The title of this piece will be "Locked in My Quiet World" and refers to the need for quiet time we all struggle to find in our busy lives.

If, like me, you have something you did not quite finish this week, think about the things you did complete, how far you have come in your life and projects and have a great day.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


I have been spending time visiting with people coming through on the studio tour.  It has been a great weekend meeting others who are interested in the arts and it is a bit sad it will be ending tonight.  Visitors have come from all over.  I've met people from Florida, South Carolina, California, Georgia and Alabama along with those living right here in North Carolina.  Here are some photos so you too can "take the tour".

This is the view which greets visitors on arrival at the studio.  A comfortable place to sit and enjoy the scenery before or after viewing the artwork.

All of the flowers are in full bloom adding color to the landscape.

Usually shy, Dorian Gray has enjoyed meeting everyone this year.

I had a good amount of pieces this year, so show booth walls were brought out of storage to hang and present some of my latest work.  The piece on the upper right, "Counting the Days",  has found a wonderful new home this weekend.

   The wall to the right upon entering the studio.  The wall to the left is shown below.

A closer view.  Quite a few of these are from my striped show.  The crows are still popular this year.

A more general overview of the studio.  Munchies on the pool table.  Art and food just go together.

A table runner from the Nomadic series.  It always seems to be a challenge to present runners, but these temporary tables worked well.

To all of you who stopped by this weekend, I would like to thank you.  Each piece created is special to me and I hope those of you who purchased works will enjoy viewing them for years to come.  

Think about things you love, seek them out and have a great day.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Mica Rock Rug   Lori Laberge  2012

This will be the last rock rug completed before the Studio Tour. The piece of mica on this rug has black, silver and white hues. The edges of the rock are jagged and form layers. Though this piece looks rugged, it is quite delicate due to the thin layers. The way the silver reflects and shines from different angles is beautiful.

Close-up view 

On another note, the Toe River Studio Artist Show is now open at the Toe River Arts Council Gallery in Spruce Pine, NC. My husband and I took a ride over this week and here are photos of some of the work displayed.

Since I love fiber, this piece really caught my eye. The workmanship and color use are beautiful. Artist Louis Grenell created this woven piece. She also created the rabbit.

Jim Waters does amazing encaustic work. I own one of his pieces and am tempted to purchase another. There is great texture and depth to his work which, again, appeals to the fiber artist in me.

Rolf Holmquist's work includes the use of all sorts of items. It is just plain fun to spend time looking at and identifying them knowing they were used to create one piece of art.

John Richards "Big Blue Dog" is made out of bottle caps. Love it!

I have purchased two of Valerie Schnaufer's works. I can't resist the ways she tucks items into various hollowed out areas in her ceramic pieces.

Here is my piece, "Lakewood". It was one of the pieces made for a show on stripes.

The tour takes place June 8-10 and information can be picked up at the Toe River Arts Galleries in Spruce Pine and Burnsville. If you get the chance, take some time to meet the local artists, view their studios and have a great day out on the town.