Saturday, February 25, 2017


"Metropolitan"  22" X 55"   Lori LaBerge  2017

The use of repetition shows throughout this piece. There are multiple yellow curves moving across it, vertical and horizontal lines, shades of blues and grays and industrial felt on both the bottom and top sections. The hubcap has curves that relate to the yellow arcs. The lug nut covers, as well as the hubcap itself, mimic the circular shape of the washers attached to the lower strip of felt. There is also a bit of depth to each section.

 Close-up of upper section

A piece of felt was cut into a triangular shape and attached to the hubcap. The felt is randomly stitched with dark gray yarn to add texture.

Close-up of felt and washers

Washers were stitched to the felt and the felt stitched to the rug hooked work. I had thought of using a strip of stained wood, but with the felt on the upper portion the wood looked a bit heavy while the felt brought the two sections together nicely.

Pearl is becoming quite the assistant. It never hurts to have a little supervision.

Saturday, February 11, 2017


We planned an early Valentine's Day and drove over to Charlotte for dinner and a basketball game. I couldn't help but notice how all the wonderful lines in the city's architecture lend themselves to abstract art. Enjoy!

Lots of gray lines broken by a beautiful turquoise

Billowing plastic wrap breaking up the straight lines on a construction site.

An interesting shape of bright blue sky peeking between brown buildings.

Neutral palette with a block of brick red.

The ups and downs along rooftops.

What architectural features of city buildings interest you?

Saturday, February 4, 2017


Section One of "GeoNight" in progress,  13" X 10"  Lori LaBerge  2016

Hooking was completed on the latest work and I will be stitching the washers into place this coming week. A finer look was decided on so the work was hooked in a 4-cut rather than my usual 6-cut.

I was going to do the two sections in assembly line fashion by doing pink on one, pink on the other, yellow on one get the idea. I decided to finish section one first so I had a good idea of how the colors worked before the second section was started. The dark blue provided the strong contrast I was looking for.

This is the big month to put together all the notes I've taken for this summer's class at Green Mountain Rug School. I tend to write notes wherever I am so there are plenty of them in various notebooks around the studio. I love putting those thoughts together in an organized form. It will be a four day class, so notes are being separated into multiple activities for each day.

My evenings needed something new so I picked up the guitar my daughter and I won in a music video contest quite a few years ago. I took lessons when I was 17 so I won't say how many years ago that was. I found these cool guitar picks with Salvador Dali works printed on them. Love. I may hit wrong notes, but I'll look good doing it. Looking at various companies to put my own artwork on some picks.