Saturday, October 21, 2017


"Turquoise Glow"  14" X 11",  Lori LaBerge  2017

A blue glow coming from a window was the start of this piece. Lines and shapes of concrete walls and sheds near the building were reshaped for the work. Two longer downward diagonals (the top of the green area and the lower black line) are balanced by a shorter upward white diagonal on the right which starts close to midway between them. 

It is interesting to work on balance without symmetry. It can be created from color, size, shape and opposites work quite nicely. Large vs. small, bright vs. dull, light vs. dark, vertical vs. horizontal, etc. The turquoise areas consist of one being horizontal, larger and darker and one being vertical, smaller and lighter.

We went to visit my son in Florida over the weekend and I took a few photos of rooftops in the area to use for future reference.

Great finds at the local used book store

Art Exercise--
Create a symmetrical design and start changing it to create an asymmetrical one using opposites for balance.

Friday, October 13, 2017


"Monarch Butterflies" Joel Sartore

We recently spent the day in Hickory, NC and visited the Hickory Museum of Art.  Photographer Joel Sartore had work on endangered species showing. His photos are breathtaking.

"The Three Sisters"  Frank Stanley Herring

This painting was done one town over from us, Little Switzerland, in 1929. Mildred "Mickey" McKinney took lessons from New York City artist Frank Stanley Herring, who vacationed in the town. The founder of the museum, Paul Whitener, saw Mildred painting and decided he could do it to. Mickey and Paul married and continued producing art.

"Uncle Tom McKinney's Springhouse"  Donald Blake

Donald Blake was a mentor of Paul Whitener. This painting is of a scene from Little Switzerland. We'll be taking a ride over to try and find the property where Mildred and Paul lived and painted. A little local history trip.

There was also an exhibit on self-taught artists providing a variety of talent:

"Lore Master #4"  David Thomas Roberts

 "The Transformer"  Bruce New

 "Daddy and his Woman"  LaVon Van Williams, Jr.

 "Flag"  Roger Lee Ivens

 "Blues Guitar"  Roger Lee Ivens

I could not leave without roaming through the museum shop where I picked up a book on collage. Purchases and donations help museums to continue providing exhibits and education.

Yes, beer brewing is an art.

And, of course, we can't go to Hickory without stopping at the Olde Hickory Tap Room and checking out their selections. My choice, Hefe-Weisen. The perfect day out!

Sunday, October 8, 2017


"Skybridge",   14" X 11"   Lori LaBerge  2017

This work was developed to be shown alongside the two paintings done last week  Unlike the paintings worked from memory and notes (due to it being night when we stopped by), the textile work was done from parts of two photos taken during the day.

When working from photos, I avoid a direct copy of the photograph. Artwork allows for imagination which is the part of it I most enjoy. Here are the photos used:

I stuck with the angled shapes of the building. The rooftop stairway was converted to a skybridge to be the focus of the work.

The factory silo was in front of a section of one of the buildings. I used this on the right hand side of the work as I wanted to add some curves to the piece. Colors were chosen to work with the two paintings.

A good idea of how the works look together before framing.