Saturday, October 21, 2017


"Turquoise Glow"  14" X 11",  Lori LaBerge  2017

A blue glow coming from a window was the start of this piece. Lines and shapes of concrete walls and sheds near the building were reshaped for the work. Two longer downward diagonals (the top of the green area and the lower black line) are balanced by a shorter upward white diagonal on the right which starts close to midway between them. 

It is interesting to work on balance without symmetry. It can be created from color, size, shape and opposites work quite nicely. Large vs. small, bright vs. dull, light vs. dark, vertical vs. horizontal, etc. The turquoise areas consist of one being horizontal, larger and darker and one being vertical, smaller and lighter.

We went to visit my son in Florida over the weekend and I took a few photos of rooftops in the area to use for future reference.

Great finds at the local used book store

Art Exercise--
Create a symmetrical design and start changing it to create an asymmetrical one using opposites for balance.

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