Saturday, January 9, 2016


"At Bridge's End"  9 1/4" X 13",  Lori LaBerge  2015

It's back to work in the studio after a nice Christmas and New Year break.  The continuation of creating pieces for July's landscape exhibit have been keeping my design skills in use.  The above work is all about the color. 

There are many ways to use color in art.  You can use it to show a time of day or year, to depict mood or atmosphere, to experiment with specific color combinations, or to show light and shadow.  I tend to veer from realistic color in favor of using color to fit a mood or to exaggerate nature's palette.  I saw shades of lavender in the gray bridge and decided to emphasize this by making the whole bridge lavender/pink shades.  Quite bold, it is based on a bridge in Black Mountain, North Carolina. 

Here the compositional lines are drawn in.  The top and bottom of the bridge fit between the horizontal lines.  The top orange/brown, the edge of the lighter blue and the side of the red are spaced to touch along the vertical lines.  

Compositional lines are also separating out large areas of color.  Most of the blue is below the middle horizontal line.  This breaks the rule of splitting a picture in half. Some blue is carried up further into the bridge opening.  Most of the lavender/pink is between lines, the red in the lower right rectangle and the brightest of the orange in the two upper right rectangles.

More color planning was done this week:

These colors will be used in a tree in the woods scene.  The scene will be calming with browns in the tree, greens in the background, heather lavenders on the ground and a modest use of pink and off whites to contrast with duller colors.

This is a sophisticated color scheme for an abstract work in the road sign series. The grays along with the butter yellows have a neutral tone to them.  Neutrals are often used to emphasize shapes when the artist's intent is to put shapes before color in a piece.  The top of the piece will contain the green and turquoise.  A limited use of color rather than a vast mix of colors will tend to be more sophisticated.

The yarns and industrial felt above will be used on a multi-layered sculptural work.  I hope to create at least three or four of these types of works to be shown on pedestals at the landscape show.  The yarn colors definitely have a woodsy feel to them.  I hope to use them with embroidery and sculpting techniques to depict vegetation.

Think of how you use color combinations, through dress, interior design or other methods and have a great day.

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