Sunday, January 24, 2016


 "Roundabout Ahead"  in progress 19" X 29"  Lori LaBerge  2016

The green section of the latest in the road sign series was hooked this week.  The wool was a bit rough which made the hooking process a bit longer than usual, but the roughness against the smoother texture of other wools will add more interest to the piece.  The arrows are a combination of pale yellows.

The rectangular format led to the decision to elongate the arrows so they formed an oblong shape rather than the expected circular shape.  The tips of the arrows were altered so each was a bit different than the others.

The two rectangles on the side of the green section will be dark turquoise.  The above wool was chosen to fill in the gray area beneath the green as there is a bit of turquoise, some light and some dark, in each one.  This will bring cohesion to the work.  

Pete was in the storage area this week and decided my method of storing boxes was not up to par.  He removed all the boxes from the area above, purchased wood before the storm hit and was in his workshop today starting on a storage rack.  It is amazing how many boxes I keep for shipping, gallery delivery and purchases in studio.  As works being created for exhibit cannot be sold, I hope to also have space to store them until delivered for show.

At least twice a year I go through the studio and storage area and reorganize. Organizing can be overwhelming.  Try to organize one section at a time rather than all at once, find what works for you and have a great day.

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