Saturday, November 25, 2017


"City Walk"  12" X 24",  Lori LaBerge  2017

This past week I just felt like trying something new.  After puttering around the studio for a bit, I grabbed a work off the wall and decided to transform it. Sometimes you just need to stop thinking and start doing.

The original hooked work

I've always enjoyed the transparency of certain paintings. It is as if something is hidden in the background with layers of paint on top. How would I do this with rug hooking? To still keep the architectural quality of the original work I decided to paint over the top. Another option would have been to place transparent fabric randomly over the top to create a barrier yet still be able to see the original through it. 

In progress on studio table. Tape strips were used in some areas and pulled off later.

The painted work has much more depth, mystery and sophistication to it. I painted with no plan in mind, which always makes me a bit apprehensive. Sometimes we need to leave our comfort place to grow.

The photos below show a close-up of how the bowls can still be seen in the background of the new work:

When the work was completed it reminded me of walking through Asheville and viewing the work of the many local potters through a window with reflections of buildings, perhaps a rainy day. Thus the work was titled "City Walk".

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