Saturday, December 16, 2017


As yet untitled work in progress,  48" X 48"  Lori LaBerge  2017

I have been working on the latest piece in between travels to art museums. Ideas for the background were worked out with the decision to repeat the center square designs, leading to a shadow effect. These areas will be filled with dark grays so they do not stand out.

Closer look at background plan

In a continuation of last week's information on a visit to The Huntington Art Gallery, I reveled in the exhibit of Frederick Hammersley's work. Unfortunately, photos of the work were not allowed.

Hammersley is known for his hard-edge geometric paintings. He was a meticulous recorder of his work which led to the exhibit including sketches and notes he had made. He had painted portraits and began to look at blocks of color, leading to a whole new way of painting his future works.

Notes of his color formulas have been studied by the Getty Conservation Institute where many of Hammersley's information is stored. From studies with colored pencils, to large oil on canvas works, the exhibit was a peek into the artistic process.

"Frederick Hammersley: To Paint without Thinking" by The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, CA

The book is beautifully laid out including photos of work, notes and sketches

"Frederick Hammersley: Organics and Cut-ups 1963-1965" by L A Louver, Venice, CA
Note:  I purchased this at the Huntington Shop, but have not been able to find it available online.

Hammersley reordered previous works on canvas by cutting them up into squares and placing the squares to form a new composition. He titled his first work of this kind "Cut-Up" and the phrase stuck so that future works of this type were called by this term.

The Frederick Hammersley Foundation has a website dedicated to his work. There are also videos and research information. A good look into how an artist works. A discussion (about an hour long) of the cut-ups exhibit on video is available to watch on L.A. Louver website

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