Saturday, September 16, 2017


"Concrete Blue"  14" X 11",  Lori LaBerge  2017

We took daily walks while visiting California. One day we passed a bright blue building. It stayed in my mind not only due to the color, but also the angle on top. I drew a sketch on scrap paper that night and transferred it to a sketchbook upon returning home.

The challenge was to make an interesting composition out of the scene. It is all about relationships to lead the eye to the white and blue areas. The red lines above show how the top and bottom of the lilac wall section are angled to lead to the bottom of the white rectangle. The top of the light rust section leads to the top of the blue wall. The area on top where gold and green meet leads down to the left side of the white.

The lighter values form a sideways "Y" shape leading to and framing the blue building while the darker values are laid out in a triangular format. A curve at the top breaks up use of straight lines. 

Frank Lloyd Wright said, "Architecture is the scientific art of making structures express ideas". I am led to think about how the 2D abstraction of architectural forms should be approached. In reviewing some of my sketches, there is a depiction of the relationship between the focal point of the work and the shapes around it. The question then becomes "How do those shapes enhance the focus?"

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