Saturday, September 9, 2017


While in Greensboro last week, in addition to the fiber art exhibit we had a chance to view exhibits on display at the GreenHill Center for NC Art, located in the same building. Here is a short tour:

"Quintet in Harmony" by Murry Handler

Murry Handler created an interactive work which was drawing attention. The panels slide giving the viewer an opportunity for experimentation in creating their own version and interpretation of the work. I enjoyed speaking with Handler as he is cordial, well versed in the arts and speaks from his heart. He creates abstract pieces at his studio in Pittsboro, NC. A Fall Open Studio will be taking place on September 24. Visit with Murry and his art if you are in the area.

"Blue and Green Bin 2" by Kirk Fanelly

Fanelly's work consisted of inlaid cut paper on panel. There were two other works alongside this one. The compositions drew the eye around each and the opportunity to look closely at the inlay work was fascinating.

Two works by Katie St. Clair

St. Clair creates works using collage, dye, spray paint, gesso and other materials and techniques. There was a sense of depth in these abstract landscapes that just made me want to enjoy the experience of falling into them. 

Work by Renzo Ortega

Renzo Ortega was a featured artist on exhibit. His work focuses on community and the experience of immigrants along with displacement. There were larger works on canvas along with groupings of smaller pieces and installation work. Seeing his work led me to reflect upon my own experiences.

"Traffic" by Renzo Ortega

"Displacements- Detroit Series 1-7" by Renzo Ortega

One of "Displacements- Detroit Series" works by Renzo Ortega

Along with the message of the Displacement Series, the paint technique drew me in. The textures were plentiful and I found myself looking for hidden meanings in the backgrounds. Liked these a lot.

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