Saturday, December 30, 2017


There is no doubt I have been on the road lately and sometimes art can be found in unexpected places. While not a car buff, the beauty and art of cars shown at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles created a real appreciation for the artistic talents of car designers and those who simply love cars.

One cannot deny how cool and happy this car looks.The bright yellows, blues, and oranges just attract attention.

 "El Muertorider" 2006. Dog and human skeletons, dollar signs, oil reference and more make statements on this vehicle. Love the "We are the defenders of the cheeseburger" statement.

While there were cars galore (racing cars, vintage cars, future designs and cars from movies) I was attracted to the artwork that was on display:

"One Last Ride"  Levi Ponce. I viewed this work as a bit eerie with the shade of the blue sky, shadows, black car out front and light from the mortuary window, then the hand with flowers on the left brought on feelings of sadness and sympathy.

 "Toxic Cruiser"  El Moises  Chili peppers and flames cover the vehicle driving by the Taco Shop.

   "Chicana's Sunday Cruise"  El Moises. This work was part of an exhibit on the Politics of Gender. Though women seem to be so often on display shown next to cars and in advertising, low riders are owned by many heterosexual women and members of the LGBTQ community.

 "Varrio Boogie Woogie"  Ruben Ortiz-Torrez. This is like a neighborhood block or a building surrounding by various colors. Wondering if the colors refer to groups of people.

 "Low God"  Lalo Alcaraz. Loved this small work. Where is this little guy driving to?

"The Obsidian Ranfla Series"  #1,9,8 and 6 clockwise.  Carlos Fresquez.  A ranfla is a smooth ride which refers to lowriders but can refer to most any car that is cool. The colors and depictions in these works made me think about how cars are used in society and depicted in films.

A surprising find for me were the many artists in the Bugatti family, known for sports cars. Carlo and Rembrandt Bugatti were well-known artists in their time. Family members art included painting, sculpting, woodworking, jewelry making, masonry etc. in addition to car design.

 Carlo Bugatti's work in woodcraft. The attention to detail stands out. His work drew attention at the Exposition of Turin in 1902. Click on the link of his name to view some of his work for sale.

 Rembrandt Bugatti's sculpture work.

 Drawings of animals by Lydia Bugatti. Lydia was the daughter of Ettore, a car designer. She also sculpted and painted. In the link the article spells her name as Lidia, though most other sites and the museum used Lydia.

Paintings by Carlo Bugatti

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