Saturday, January 13, 2018


The background of the latest work in progress was worked on this week. A variety of dark grays are being used to follow the designs of the middle squares. The darks create a shadow effect while not distracting from the colorful squares.

Work in progress,  Lori LaBerge  2018

I can already see a change that will be made. The light gray strips between blocks will be changed to the darker gray to frame the blocks better, with the light gray left on the sides. This will be an easy change as the strips are narrow. 

I started a self-imposed class on architecture and architectural drawing. Textbooks were received this week and 2 hours a day have been scheduled for studying. 

Exercise in sketchbook

Above is one of the exercises I completed to study positive and negative shape. A mortar and pestle was used as the subject. The exercise shows how shape is not a sole entity. Every shape has a relation to the environment it resides in. I plan on using this exercise with various subjects, more asymmetrical, to see how many interesting shapes can be found from both the negative and positive areas. 

Further Exercise:

While teaching, I have used color to study shape perception. Put a colored shape against a white background, then against the same color background. How does this affect your perception of the shape and ability to identify it? Use various values of one color against another? At what value point is the subject easiest to identify or show the best at? Do we need a bold contrast or will a softer contrast serve our purpose?

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