Saturday, March 17, 2018


"Yellow Door"  10" X 8" framed,  Lori LaBerge  2018

Work needs to be delivered to galleries this coming week and I have found that it helps to have a variety of sizes and price points. Smaller pieces tend to go faster and it is time to build up more inventory on that front. 

"Yellow Door" brings back memories of walking to school where every morning I passed an old storage building with a yellow door.  The work has kept a bit of the industrial mood with the gray behind the yellow.

The decision phase has arrived with the 48" x 48" piece being worked on during weekends. It has finally been titled as "Construction Quad" in reference to the four architectural scenes in the center. 

A side bar will be placed to the left of the piece. I sketched out a few options on Photoshop to help with the decision phase:

All the options contain the basic designs of the four squares, minus the circles and stripes for a simpler feel. This option has wooden shapes placed on a dark gray background. I like the colored bar through it, but have to contemplate how it affects the shapes on either side.

This option does away with the bar and places two colors on the backing board. There is no interruption of the design.

The last option has more color with the two-color backing and a third color breaking up the work. The pink section is also longer than the backing board.

I will continue to look these over in the coming week to see what develops.

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