Saturday, March 10, 2018


"Night Swim"  14" X 11"  Lori LaBerge  2018

Maybe its just the winter blues (another storm due this weekend), but I have been dreaming of water lately. Reading books about water, watching TV shows about water and making art about water have taken up this past week. There is something relaxing about it.

I read:

This book was picked up at an airport. It is the story of friendship, secrets kept, and the effect loss has on us. It is a fast read perfect for an afternoon on the couch. 

A great coffee table book for those who love architecture. It speaks of how the placement of a house, by the water, affects the design process. Photos of homes that fit their surroundings perfectly.

I watched:

While flipping through Netflix shows, I came across Charlie Luxton's Homes by the Sea. This is a total binge watch for me. Luxton is an architect and designer who takes viewers on a tour of homes near the water, visits with owners and finds locations to sketch his own ideas out. There was a saying a while back to the extent that Britain may have rainy days and bland food but they have kick-ass TV. Love that! Their shows are so well done.

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