Saturday, March 3, 2018


"Sunrise"  63" X 11"  Lori LaBerge  2018

The hooked sections of this work were done a while back. Rather than rush into a project, I set them aside to decide how they would be used. This week was spent stitching various hardware and embellishments onto them. The hooked sections were then stitched to industrial felt.

When walking by construction sites, I think about the long day those workers have. They are often up at sunrise and continue until the sun sets. The works are shadows of sections of buildings and were developed through both sketches and photographs. 

All of the hardware and embellishments are meant to relate to the construction process. They include: sleeve swivels to represent plumb lines, washers, nuts, threaded connectors. A large washer and oval jewelry parts, representing the start of the day, are on the second section.

Here is photo shown in a previous post of the design idea:

The second row will be called "Sunset".

A thank you to Linda Rae Coughlin and Rug Hooking Magazine. An article on my work is in the current March/April/May issue. If you have an interest in rug hooking, this is the best magazine to subscribe to with informative information for beginners to advanced rug hookers and wool dyers. (The last square in the above photo was created separately as "Silhouette 1" and is pictured in the magazine article, another square with the same design will be hooked to be used as the last section of "Sunset".)

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